Mens Genuine Leather Gloves Winter – Acdyion Touchscreen Cashmere Lined Warm Dress Driving Gloves


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Our Acdyion's mens genuine leather winter gloves are only authorized for sell by Passionate time, and without any authorization to other sellers.

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Acdyion's mens genuine leather winter gloves´╝ÜThe choice of materials, cutting, production, are completed by more than ten years of artisans, every procedure, we are almost harsh, our mission, carefully do every pair of gloves, so we believe you will love our gloves.


Gloves were well packaged after they were produced. So maybe they would smell bad when you receive them. Please put gloves in ventilated place for several days. The smell would go.


Don't use on sharp or rough objects.

Don't put under the sun directly.

Don't dry it with a hair dryer.
GENUINE LEATHER GLOVES: Outer made of premium genuine leather with softness of touch, suppleness, strength and lasting comfort. Full lined with cashmere/wool let the gloves be your chic cold weather essentials.